Emig Impressions

Oil & Acrylic paintings, prints...

  • Half Shell-24"x30" Acrylic
    Half Shell-24"x30" Acrylic
  • Starfish-36"x36" Acrylic
    Starfish-36"x36" Acrylic
  • Ghost Crab-12"x16" Acrylic
    Ghost Crab-12"x16" Acrylic
  • Sunrise-24"x30" Acrylic
    Sunrise-24"x30" Acrylic
  • Seahorse-36"x36" Acrylic
    Seahorse-36"x36" Acrylic
  • Koi Fish-30"x40" Acrylic
    Koi Fish-30"x40" Acrylic
  • Lobster-36"x36" Acrylic
    Lobster-36"x36" Acrylic
  • Venus of Florida
36"X36" acrylic
    Venus of Florida 36"X36" acrylic
  • Sunflowers
18"X24" acrylic
    Sunflowers 18"X24" acrylic
  • Tranquil-30"x40" Acrylic
    Tranquil-30"x40" Acrylic

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